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Zooming Feet Photography 5 out of 5 based on 49 ratings. 49 user reviews.
Zooming Feet Photography
I have recently moved from Aperture to Lightroom but found it much less intuitive than Aperture and was struggling to get to grips with it. On-line tutorials were of little help. Indeed, many only added to my confusion.

Scot took me through the whole sequence from loading a card to printing in a clear and structured way, answering my questions with patience and understanding. The detailed notes I took during Scot’s tutorial will act as an aide memoire as I put what I have learnt into practice.

Thank you, Scot. I now feel more confident in using Lightroom and look forward to producing many top quality prints for future exhibitions. It is usual for a teacher to award a Gold Star to the best pupil but I’d like to reverse that and give you the Gold Star for being an outstanding Lightroom tutor.
5 out of 5
November 20, 2016

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